Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lions Clubs Centennial Trivia

Here's a fun game you can play at one of your meetings to see how much your members really know about this great organization they are a part of:

Question 1:  Who is the founder of Lions Clubs International?

Question 2:  What famous woman challenged Lions to be "Knights of the Blind" in 1925?

Question 3:  What is the Lions' motto?

Question 4:  How many people have Lions pledged to help through the Centennial Service Challenge?

Question 5:  True or False -- All Lions can earn special awards for inviting new members through the Centennial Celebration Membership Awards?

Question 6:  In what year will Lions Clubs International officially celebrate its 100th anniversary?

Question 7:  What is the name of Lions' global blindness prevention program?

Question 8:  Finish this sentence.... The Centennial slogan is:  "Where there's a need, there's a _____."

Question 9:  True or False -- Many of the eye banks around the world were founded by Lions.

Question 10:  What is the name of Lions International art contest for children ages 11-13?

Question 11:  True or False -- There are Lions clubs in more than 200 countries and geographic areas around the world?

Question 12:  Lions Clubs became international in 1920 by chartering a club in which country?

Question 13:  What is the name of the youth program that Lions launched in 1957 to encourage young people to serve their communities?

Question 14:  True or False -- Women are now the fastest growing segment of new members in Lions Clubs?

Question 15:  True or False -- Mother Teresa received the Lions Humanitarian Award in 1986.

Question 16:  True or False -- Lions have pledged $30 million for vaccines to help save children from measles?

Question 17:  Which former president of the United States has been an active Lion for over 50 years?

And the answers are:
A1:  Melvin Jones
A2:  Helen Keller
A3:  We Serve
A4:  100 million plus
A5:  True
A6:  2017
A7:  SightFirst.
A8:  Lion
A9:  True
A10: Lions International Peace Poster Contest or Peace Poster
A11: True.  Lions are in over 210 countries and geographic areas.
A12: Canada
A13: Leo Clubs
A14: True.  40% of new Lions are women
A15: True
A16: True
A17: Jimmy Carter

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