Lions is having a party and all Lions are invited to attend!

Register today!  Click HERE for the registration form.

Part of the Centennial Service Challenge is recruiting new members.   Under the Centennial Membership Awards program, members will get instant recognition for bringing new members into their club!  Click HERE for guidelines, promotions, recognition, and awards.

Clubs are also encouraged to participate in the four Centennial service activities below.  Be sure to input your activities in MyLCI so International knows all the good things clubs are doing!
Engaging our Youth Campaign
Sharing the Vision Campaign
Relieving the Hunger Campaign
Protecting our Environment Campaign

We all have our signature projects that we do year after year.  During our Centennial Celebration, consider a new project that will be a lasting legacy of your club's continued service contribution to the community!  Your Legacy Project will serve as a reminder of just how important Lions are to the community.  Clubs are encouraged to complete a Legacy Project by June 30, 2018.  Community Legacy Projects

Lions Centennial is no small thing.  Help celebrate and let the world know by wearing Centennial apparel or decorate your next dinner event with a Centennial tablecloth and napkins.  Don't forget to recognize your members with a Centennial coffee mug or other gift item:  Centennial Merchandise

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