Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Report

The following was submitted by the SLML:

The Eagle River Sleeping Lady Mountain Lions Club (SLML) have been working hard on all Centennial Service Activities.

In September several of the SLML worked hard with the Leo’s cleaning up the Eagle River Chugiak Chamber of Commerce flower beds in Chief Alex Park. This is how we beautify and protect our environment. This can also be one of the many ways we have engaged our youth.

For Feeding the Hungry we do a food drive during Easter, 3rd of July and donated $1000 to our local food pantry.

Of course SLML Share the Vision in a BIG way by conducting a screening in every elementary school in Eagle River. 6 Elm. 2 Jr. High and 2 High School. not to mention any health fair we can get into. 

The Ballyhoo Lions Club as part of our Operation Santa went out and found the four most less
fortunate families and gave each $500.00.

Great job!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Statistics Doesn't Lie

Lion Ted Burke, GMT for 49A, reports that for the first half of our Lion year, "we are losing members faster than gaining new members."

As part of the Centennial Challenge we are all asked to Ask One.  Sponsor that person and receive a Centennial Sponsor Pin and Certificate!

Clubs are asked to induct at least three new members this fiscal year.  Three.  That is all.

District leaders are asked to Charter one new club.  If you look at the 49A map and where present clubs are located, there's a lot of possibilities!  Just Ask!

Lion Ted has recognized one Club that continues to show an increase -- Anchorage Mabuhay Lions Club!  They've added 13 new members!  Now, THAT'S how it's done!

At this time, we have 1,505 Lion members; last year we had 1,580 at this same time.  Statistics don't lie.

What are we going to do about it?  Ask One!